Attorney Referrals

The appeals process and litigation surrounding Long-Term Disability and Short-Term Disability policy denials can be a complex, time consuming and technical process. Most LTD or STD policies are subject to ERISA, requiring litigants to navigate considerable regulatory and pre-suit requirements, including deadlines for making appeals. I have represented hundreds of clients who have been wrongfully denied LTD and STD benefits. My firm has developed a streamlined process to help clients appeal denials and termination of benefits and has litigated many cases in federal district courts around the country. In addition, my litigation experience has allowed us to cultivate relationships with in-house and outside counsel representing many of the largest disability insurance providers. This allows us to effectively and efficiently represent our clients and has often resulted in our clients’ benefits being awarded or reinstated without prolonged litigation.

We have developed a simple screening process that allows us and the firms we work with to identify potential claimants. Usually this process requires nothing more than adding five or six questions to your firm’s intake procedure. Firms that have partnered with us in this way have realized a steady stream of referral fees and income from an untapped source of cases. Stansberry Law has spent considerable time and resources developing expertise in this area of practice, and I would very much appreciate the opportunity to discuss working with you and your firm assisting any of your clients that we can.

If you do not practice ERISA LTD/Short-term disability, Social Security Disability or personal injury law, you can depend on Stansberry Law, LLC to provide exceptional representation for your clients. Whether you refer the case or co-counsel the case with us, we will gladly pay referral fees in accordance with the Rules of Professional Conduct of the Alabama State Bar. We provide excellent service to our clients and promptly respond to their questions and concerns. If you have a client that you think we can help or have questions please contact us at (833) LTD – HELP or by email at