Preparing for Your Social Security Disability Hearing

If you’ve been denied Social Security disability benefits and wish to appeal the denial, you will eventually have to attend a Social Security disability hearing. For many people, the prospect of attending a hearing can be daunting, especially when doing so without an attorney. However, with the information below and the assistance of an experienced Birmingham, Alabama Social Security disability benefits attorney, you can rest assured that you’ll be confident and prepared on the day of your Social Security disability hearing. 

The nature of your Social Security disability hearing

First, it’s important to note that Social Security disability hearings are not adversarial. In other words, there will not be someone at your hearing arguing that you aren’t disabled. Rather, the Administrative Law Judge at your hearing is there to determine the facts of the case, and he or she will decide your case based on your testimony, the medical evidence submitted to the court, and your counsel’s arguments.  

What the judge wants to know

The primary thing the Administrative Law Judge in your case will want to determine at your hearing is whether your disability is severe enough to prevent you from returning to work. If he or she determines that you are unable to return to work, then your benefits request will be approved. 

Working with your attorney to prepare for the hearing

With the above issues in mind, your Birmingham, Alabama Social Security disability benefits attorney will prepare you for your Social Security disability hearing. One thing your attorney may do is have you list all issues that impact your ability to work. For example, the Administrative Law Judge in your case will want to know whether your medical condition: 

  • Requires you to sleep during the day
  • Requires you to take unscheduled breaks during the day 
  • Keeps you from waking up at a certain time each day 
  • Prevents you from getting ready to go to work
  • Prevents you from staying at a job site all day without having to return home

By writing down all the issues preventing you from holding a job, you will be prepared to present your case to the Administrative Law Judge. Of course, your Social Security disability benefits attorney will attend this hearing with you, and he or she will ensure that you are fully prepared to successfully appeal your denial. 

Birmingham, Alabama Social Security Disability Benefits Attorney

At Stansberry Law, we know how difficult it can be to cope with a disability. In addition, we understand the challenges associated with attempting to appeal a denial of Social Security disability benefits. If you are disabled and would like to explore your benefits options, Stansberry Law is here to help. Located in Birmingham, Alabama, we serve clients in Alabama and throughout the United States. And when you choose us to handle your case, we will work tirelessly to secure the disability benefits you deserve. Please contact our office today for a consultation.

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